Espresso Biscotti

A coffee that is a snack! A bold and rich biscotti creation, our Espresso Biscotti has the old-school chocolate-coffee charm, that is as nostalgic as your first coffee!

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Espresso Biscotti,baked twiceand infused with real coffee grounds, these crunchy treats deliver a burst of coffee flavour and a satisfying bite, that feels like magic. So, here’s yourperfect spell for a busydayor even on-the-go!

Biscuit Nahi, Biscotti!

Why settle for the basic biscuit when you can indulge in the extraordinary Biscotti? With its irresistible crunch and bold flavours, Biscotti offers a snacking experience that's richer, more flavorful, and simply unforgettable. Embrace the mantra: ‘Biscuit Nahi, Biscotti!’

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  • The Taste Maker

    Freshly sourced ground coffee beans make their way to make your baked Espresso Biscotti & satisfy your cravings.

  • Choco Bliss

    Your favourite, Chocolate makes a memorable comeback, carved in the freshly baked Espresso! 

  • Flavour-full

    Our flavourful Espresso Biscotti is created with the most unique blend of Cocoa and Coffee beans for a never-had-before experience. 

Coffee with a Crunch

Snack your Espresso and spill coffee no more! The delightful chocolate flavour will entice your taste buds and the coffee will surely give you taste-punch! 

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The Bisnac Promise

The Bisnac Promise is the one that never makes you miss out
on fun times! Pay attention! Because this promise will make
you embrace all the cravings with a smile so you can just 'Eat
Before You Think'.